To Be Continued…


Vincent Callebaut’s architectural design for “Swallow’s Nest“–a cultural center in Taichung, Taiwan that would incorporate natural light and structurally integrated photovoltaics, all in the shape of a mobius strip variant

I’m leaving you all on a cliffhanger—with our solar panels not yet installed, and the specter of climate change knocking at the door.  Since Amie and I are getting married in May, I’m taking a temporary hiatus from the blog to focus my energies wholeheartedly on making that wedding the best possible celebration of our love. I plan to return in June, with many more stories to tell.  In “Season 2” I’ll unveil the designs for our solar panels, discuss the sharing economy and solar’s role in it, release interviews with my neighbors who have panels, and, of course, share what it’s like to have the panels installed and providing electricity! In the meantime—take some time to look back through previous episodes in my solar journey:

  1. Introduction, Part 1: Climate Change and the Power of the Sun
  2. Introduction, Part 2: What is a solar lease, and is it a good idea?
  3. A Home in Beacon…and Ecovillages!
  4. A Friendly Passerby Tells Me How To Get Solar Panels
  5. Hardward Stores Are Secretly Magical
  6. We Make the Decision To Go Solar
  7. Doubt and Research, Part 1: Rare Earth Elements
  8. Doubt and Research, Part 2: Customer Complaints and Fear of Commitment
  9. A Post-Holiday Solar Site Assessment

2 thoughts on “To Be Continued…

  1. Hello Patrick. I hope your wedding was wonderful and thank you for sharing all your knowledge on your research to go solar. I recently bought a house in Beacon and have lots of questions on options to switch to a clean energy. I was wondering if you would be open to talk to me. Thanks and I hope to get to meet you guys soon!


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